I don’t even know what to call this. We made of these and sold it on reverb.com in December of 2020.

The Full Dual-Path Jazzmaster?

What this will do:

  • Standard Jazzmaster control layout.
  • Delete rhythm wiring
  • Rewire so that the upper switch takes both pickups to single coil and use the upper volume & tone.
  • Upper switch in lower position takes both pickups to full humbucker and use the lower volume & tone.

The Parts, the Wiring

Start with Curtis Novak Humbucking Wide-Range Jazzmaster pickups. They aren’t tapped for single coil but we’ll add that.

Then we go begging on this page at OffsetGuitars.com: https://www.offsetguitars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=104282&p=1644298&hilit=schematic#p1644298

We got a nice schematic from Shadoweclipse13 for a dual-circuit Jazzmaster:

But we need to add an element: single coil on one circuit, double-coil humbucker on the other circuit. Two completely independent circuits with separate volume and tone.

This diagram over at Thomann Online shows that all we need are two more poles that dump one coil each to ground as we switch circuits:

But we need a 4-pole, Double Throw, and so the Switchcraft 502-50212LX fits the bill:

We use a double coil pickup with a center tap from Curtis Novak Pickups.