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Bleu Afrique One-of-a-Kind Guitar

I personally hand-built this Jazzmaster as a bit of an experiment, “How great would a Jazzmaster be if I hand-picked and assembled everything with the best of the best”. I built this during the Pandemic in March through May of 2020.

The list of parts is a dream build:
-Warmoth swamp ash body in sonic blue
-Warmoth African Ebony neck, solid, with block markers. This neck is not even available from Warmoth in this wood any more, I am told. This was the first part I sourced and I built the guitar around it.
-Tuners are locking Schallers, though let me confirm that.
-Bridge is Mastery M1
-Vibrato is Mastery
-The entire body cavity is completely caged in copper shielding.
-Mini-pots are Alpha, Main pots are CTS, with 500k in tone position
-Treble bleed from Rothstein
-Wiring is all cloth-covered pull-back
-The pickups are Curtis Novak JM Gold Foil humbuckers, but they are single-coil tapped, about which please read on.
-The rhythm circuit is unique: the rhythm circuit in the up position engages the two mini-pots that dial *between* double-coil humbucker and single-coil. This is commonly termed “dial-a-tap” or “spin-a-split”.
Guitar is being plek-ed right now here in Austin and getting a new bone nut installed. Pic of the Plekening added today.

The guitar weighs 8.6 pounds, the neck is very dense. Tone is spectacular.

Hand-Wired Mirovox/Mojotone 50-Watt Head

Sold 2022

I hand-wired this amp completely to spec, no mods, from a Mojotone kit in 2020. It is advertised as a bass head, but I think it would be useful as a guitar amp as well. I have it set up with an Ampeg 15 cabinet and it gives an Ampeg 1960s vibe, a la James Jamerson, maybe with a bit more bite to it.

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